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Hi, I'm Ace.  I'm a real sweet guy, so I was confused when I found myself living on the streets.  Luckily for me i found my way to a real nice lady's home. She just happened to shop in Jen's storeand found out Jen was into rescuing kitties!  She told Jen how sweet i was, and how every time she opened her front door I would run in her house. If someone else opened thdoor I would run and jump on her lap.  She'd giveme cuddles and then Iw ould have togo back outside.  It was oka though, she gave me lots yummy food, even scrambled eggs!  She felt bad because it was getting cold, and she know I only wanted ot be in a warm house.  When she told Jen all about me, Jen knew she wanted to bring me in. So, a few days later we got the call we'd been waiting for. I was moving to TLOFFB. I've settled in nicely, I have a warm bed, get lots of loved and ai even have friends to playw ith. As nice as it is here, I would like to find my forever home.  Do you have in your home and heart for me?  I love to roll around, i love cuddles and I like to play!  I used to go on walks with the neighborhood dogs, so I know i'll learn to like yours, if they like me!   Why not take a chance on me?  I promise I won't let you down! 

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